St. Louis Family Discovers a Secret Past

The Kistner family's research uncovers various connections between slavery, WashU, SLU and other educational institutions in St. Louis.

Richard Weiss reports that the family's "discovery [of its history of slaveholding] has led them to join a growing movement of St. Louisans that includes scholars, civic leaders, descendants of slaveholders, and others who are engaged in what might be described as a vast re-remembering." Read the full article in The Riverfront Times

Pictured: Dr. John Gano Bryan residence on North Grand, ca. 1900 (Missouri Historical Society), one of the slaveholding ancestors connecting the history of the Kistner family and that of WashU. Bryan was a founder of the McDowell Medical College, which eventually became WashU School of Medicine, and like its namesake (Joseph Nash McDowell) a staunch defender of the institution of slavery.