Anti-Slavery Myths and Pro-Slavery Realities: Washington University, William Jewell College, and Revising Narratives of Slavery's Influence on Higher Education in Missouri

A panel in the 64th Annual Missouri Conference on History

The sixty-fourth annual Missouri Conference on History, hosted by the Missouri State Archives and sponsored by the State Historical Society of Missouri, will be held March 16-18, 2022, at the Capitol Plaza Hotel and Convention Center in Jefferson City. The conference brings together scholars, teachers, and other professional historians to share in the presentation of research, to exchange information on teaching and curriculum, to consider ways to promote the welfare of the profession and general interest in history, and to discuss other concerns common to all historians. All persons interested or involved in the teaching of history, historical research, historical preservation, or any other professional application of history are welcome (from the organizers of the Missouri Conference on History).

This panel addressing slavery and higher education in Missouri will feature the following students and research papers:

Nkemjika Emenike, Washington University,
“WashU's Founder was Not an Abolitionist: Who was William Greenleaf Eliot?”

Adam Teich, Washington University,
“From 1853 to 2021: Examining the Legacy Left by Washington University's Founders and their Relationship to Enslavement”

Christian Santiago, William Jewell College,
“Slavery and the Legacy of Dr. William Jewell”

The panel is tentatively scheduled for Friday, March 18, 1:45-3:00pm, at the Capitol Plaza Hotel and Convention Center in Truman Room A.

Visit the conference website for updated information. 



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